Gordo Bucks Rewards


Earn great prizes by being a great patient!

Successful orthodontic treatment requires a lot of effort.

To reward you for doing your part, we have great prizes you can win with Gordo Bucks!

1 Gordo Buck

Arriving to your appointment on time
Good brushing
No loose or broken brackets or appliances
No cavities at your dental cleaning



5 Gordo Bucks

Community service
Dental cleanings
(click here for Dental Reward Certificate)



10 Gordo Bucks

Referring friends and family to our office!

five.png panera.png


1. Gordo Bucks are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Walk-ins and emergencies do not apply.

2. Collecting Gordo Bucks is your responsibility. We do not save Gordo Bucks for you or give Gordo Bucks for past visits. Gordo Bucks are like real money. If you lose them, like money, they are gone!

3. You must earn 20 Gordo Bucks to spin the wheel!

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